Have You Chosen Your Personal Training Niche?

With people becoming health conscious all around, there is no dearth of personal trainers eager to help clients reach their fitness goal. The personal fitness training market is very crowded right now with Bondi personal trainer and you need to offer something more in order to stay ahead of competitors. Completing all your general personal trainer courses is no longer enough…you need to specialize in a niche category in order to stand out in the crowd and make a name for yourself.

Importance of having a Niche

Regular personal trainer courses offer a generic training and prepare you to qualify as a general personal trainer or for part time personal trainer jobs. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is just not enough to give you the edge over others. As a newly certified personal trainer, you will enter a highly competitive market crammed with trainers all vying the same client pool. Having a niche helps you stand out in the crowd and help you compete effectively.

PT Niche

Having a niche helps you to brand yourself better. It can be extremely difficult to develop an easily recognizable brand if you cannot appeal to your clients in an exclusive manner. Your specialization or niche is that appeal that will help attract the right type of clients.

Your niche will also help you to formulate a more effective marketing strategy. Once you complete a specialization as part of your personal trainer courses, you will be able to select your target group better. In turn, this will help you to formulate a more focussed marketing strategy that will yield better results as compared to generic marketing.

Most importantly, a niche helps you to build just the right type of clients that can give an immediate boost to your business. Instead of talking to anybody and everybody, you actually address clients that are more suitable for your specialization.

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Such prospective clients are more likely to enrol under you when they know you have just the right expertise to help their exclusive requirements. You can also demand better rates from such clients as compared to generic trainers.

How to Select your Niche

Most top rated institutes offer a wide range of specialization categories along with their general personal trainer courses.

Typical niches include training for geriatric clients, adolescents, sports persons, rehabilitation training, pregnancy fitness training, Pilates, aerobics, aqua gym, outdoor fitness training, group fitness training and so on.

With so many options available, the decision of selecting a niche should not be rushed. In case you specialize in more than two or three categories, you risk becoming a generic trainer who is an ‘expert’ at many things.

It is best to make a list of niches depending on your interest, aptitude and current market demand. Cut it down to two or maximum three categories that might interest you. Consider the demography of your target group and demand for such niches in your neighbourhood.

Consider the competition too as you may not want to specialize in a category that already has too many fitness trainers around. Focus on a primary niche and offer one or two other specializations to widen your market a bit.