Perth Personal Trainer

I am John Jones from Perth Workouts. I work as a Perth Personal Trainer. I have been in this business for a long time, more than a decade in fact. I used to work in the UK, which is where I am from originally. I have a few certifications as well in the field of fitness training and diet management from the UK and some premier institutes in Perth. I work at a premier gym in Perth and I teach junior trainers and clients of the gym some key exercises that help in overall health management.

I believe that every physical body is different and requires different regimes to maintain fitness. Just like certain foods suit certain people, certain regimes may suit someone while it doesn’t suit another person.

If you hire me as a Perth Personal Trainer I can give you a balanced training that helps you eat right and exercise right. My years of diet training and management help me to provide a wholesome training to clients.

I also train new fitness personnel in some of the key gyms around the Perth area. This basic training prepares them to manage clients on their own. Although I do not and cannot provide them certifications or degrees, the hands-on experience helps add finesse to their skills. It is always advisable for people in the industry to pursue certifications in fitness and diet management after a few years of working in the same environment. It is only with practical training that you realize where your strengths or flaws lie.

I have carved a niche for myself as a Perth Personal Trainer. Some of the premier gyms around the Perth area consult me for various levels of fitness training advice.

I enjoy being part of the fitness industry. Overall health and fitness are my forte. I enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals be it losing weight or getting toned. Fitness and staying fit is a challenge in itself. It requires determination and focus. This is why clients need a well trained and motivated personal trainer to help them.