Stop Cutting Out On Food, Join A Gold Coast Fitness Program

There are two ways through which you can lose weight and get into shape – dieting and exercise. The two go hand in hand and following any one method is not really as beneficial as pursuing both these methods. However, as pointed out by Gold Coast fitness experts, dieting is not equivalent to cutting out on food and starving yourself to death.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet usually refers to keeping a healthy balance between five important food groups – low fat or fat free dairy, fruits, veggies, protein and whole grains. Gold Coast fitness trainers recommend abstinence from any kind of junk food, fast food or unhealthy fattening food items such as creamy desserts, ice creams, soda, chips, crisps, fried fatty food items and anything that is laden with calories and sodium.

A healthy food item is something that is low in sodium (below 200 mg) and not more than 300 calories. It should be prepared as naturally as possible, should not contain too many spices, oil, butter or lard and should be loaded with fibre. Fresh fruits and raw or lightly grilled veggies, lean meat and fish and whole wheat food products are all good for your health and waistline, according to fitness Gold Coast coaching experts.

Starvation and Fad Diets

Unfortunately, most people and especially, women tend to link dieting and weight loss with starvation or fad diets that do more harm than good. Most of the fad diets advertised in the media and hyped by celebrities cut out important food groups altogether in order to bring about drastic weight loss. Some are only protein rich diets, while others are high on carbs and a few will advocate survival on fruit juices and veggie juices only.

Such diets provide incomplete nutrition and if carried out over a long period, can lead to severe nutritional imbalance and deficiency in your body and make you sick. Gold Coast fitness trainers repeatedly tell their clients that they may lose a lot of fat drastically in a very short period, but you won’t be able to sustain that drastic weight loss for long because your constant hunger pangs and cravings will make you quit such crazy diets within a few weeks.

And then you will pile on the calories and pounds faster than you lost them. The net result is zero.

Gold Coast Fitness Program

Instead of torturing yourself this way by cutting out on food, take up regular physical exercise obtained through a Gold Coast fitness program to burn fat, torch calories, jumpstart your metabolism and also to keep obesity, diabetes and heart ailments at bay. Numerous studies have proved that if you keep cutting out on food, you will start losing fat and lean muscle and ultimately start feeling faint and dizzy.

Benefits of Gold Coast Fitness Program over Starvation Diets

But if you take up Gold Coast fitness classes, you will lose more weight and deplete your fat stores, while building muscle. This will make you thin, keep you in shape, reduce your pot belly and tone your flabby arms and thighs. And if you keep on exercising four to five times a week at moderate intensity without fail, you will never pile back the lost pounds, nor will you have to starve yourself to remain thin.