Common Reasons for getting Breast Augmentation

Since breast augmentation is a surgery which enlarges the breasts making them fuller and more prominent, it can be generally surmised that women go in for this surgery because they wish their bodies to look more attractive. However, there could also be other valid reasons. All women who opt for breast implants should first discuss their options with an experienced plastic surgeon.

Bigger is better: Women who naturally have small breasts may like to have them enlarged. Breasts and posteriors are considered highly sexual attractions, especially by the opposite sex. So in order not to be overlooked, many women with small breasts decide to have breast augmentation. With fuller, larger breasts they become more confident. For enlarging breasts from ‘small’ to ‘large’, silicone or saline injections are used.

After childbirth: Giving birth and the after the requirement of breastfeeding, can significantly impact a woman’s breasts shape. The breasts tend to sag a bit and they no longer appear upright and full. A woman who desires to recapture this lost body allure often opt for breast augmentation.

The cancer aftermath: Breast cancer is another reason why many women who have had to undergo mastectomy go in for breast augmentation. With one or both breasts removed, it could have a severely damaging effect on a woman’s psyche. Having breast augmentation can restore confidence and help women to return to their more normal lifestyle.

Stunted development: Some teenage girls while reaching full body growth realise that their breasts have not grown in tune with the rest of their bodies. They begin to feel at a disadvantage especially when they compare themselves to their idol movie stars and their counterparts in society. After a few years of indecision on ‘should I’, ‘should I not’ – such young girls make the decision to have breast augmentation. It need not be to get a huge new cup size, just surgery to give the body a more natural and rounded-off appearance. It is a decision that adds confidence and a more positive approach to life.

Mis-match: Some women have asymmetrical breasts i.e. the breasts do not match in size or shape. One breast may have a B cup, while the other breast could be a D cup. Besides the problem of buying bras, this is a deformity that can attract undue attention. To get a more normal-looking body, such women make the decision to go in for breast implants.

Emotional needs: Some women who approach their surgeons for breast augmentation in actual fact do so because of emotional problems. A good surgeon would recognize such symptoms and advise the women accordingly. It could be a case of a woman who is 5’ in height wanting a D cup breast implant, not a realistic body image.

Breast augmentation definitely helps to boost the self-esteem and body image of a woman, as also add to her sexual satisfaction. But it is important that surgeons carefully screen upcoming cases to ensure that women who approach them are physically and mentally fit.